miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

An end has a start

Bueno bueno, aquí va un video de Editors que me encanta, pero ¡ os aviso ! después de verlo, te entran unas ganas descontroladas de copiar esos bailecitos tan divertidos...así que, apartad las sillas y la mesa de vuestro salón y a hacer el monoooo!

"Editors are a British alternative rock band, from the Birmingham area, formed in 2002. The lineup of the band consists of Tom Smith on vocals, piano and guitar, Chris Urbanowicz on guitar and synths, Russell Leetch on bass guitar and Ed Lay on drums. The members of Editors met at Staffordshire University, where they were studying Music Technology. They started a band, deciding that a future of being sound engineers wasn't really what they wanted. They started out playing gigs in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Stafford, with Geraint Owen on drums."


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